Amazon River Monsters: Meet the Vampire Piranha!

The Amazon is twice the length of the Mississippi river. 1/5 of all the water on earth passes through the amazon and Piranhas are found in just about all of it. It’s a fisherman’s paradise. Notice the fangs on the lower jaw that they use to puncture the swim bladder of the prey. Great video Jeremy and thanks for taking us up close to river monsters!

This video is a must for anyone who loves to fish, or just watch fish in general. Jeremy Wade demonstrates how exactly how these river monsters we’re designed to kill.

Huge Deadly Piranha Pulled from Water!

Piranhas mainly feed on the dead or the injured´╗┐. They are attracted to the smell of blood in the water. The smell of blood or strong splashing attracts them to feed. Piranhas rarely attack humans..but not sure I’d get in the water with them! Hats off to Jeremy Wade, great video!

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Jeremy Wade takes you to where no wildlife program has gone before. From the heart of the Congo to the depths of the Amazon, Jeremy takes in fish of staggering proportions. This is a must read.

River Monsters: Piranhas Consume a Duck

The duck was placed into the water dead and within in minutes it was consumed by Piranhas. Did you know that any many piranhas can eat up a whole cow in 5-10 min? This is mother nature. Now only if they could get some Go Pro cameras so we can see what’s happening under water!

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Bathing with Piranhas!

Actually this is common knowledge that piranhas only feed upon animals that are splashing around a lot and animals that are bleeding. Truth is that Piranhas rarely attack humans. They are scavengers and not man eaters. You can swim in Piranha infested waters with little to no problems.

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