Two men help save shark from choking on moose!

Two men in Canada used their bare hands to help save a shark that was choking on moose meat. “It was struggling on the beach with a 2-foot-long piece of moose right in its mouth. It was stuck there. The two men jumped into action and used their hands to pull the meat out of the shark’s mouth! One of the men, Clifford Harvey, said it got the moose meat about halfway down before losing the food battle..but just how the shark was able to get a moose meal in the first place is still unknown..

Australian man helps return a shark to sea

A man in Australia has been filmed after pushing a shark back into the sea after it was seen swimming in shallow waters near beach goers. The two meter Dusky Whaler Shark was spotted on Bulcock Beach on Queensland Sunshine Coast. After pushing the shark back into deeper water the shark stayed in the area for a while before going back into deep water, leaving opinion divided if it was safe to swim. Great man for saving this sharks life, well done!

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What a great book! I laughed, I cried (from laughing), I thought. This writer has put together a thought-provoking and entertaining collection of shark tales. It’s a great read for all sea lovers and those who have yet to discover that they are sea lovers.

Caught Hammerhead Shark Rescued

These guys should feel proud of what they did. Not many people would just stroll up to a beached shark, pull out the fishing hook, then pull it back to the sea. Well done and the shark swam safely away!

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One of the world’s experts on hammerhead sharks, is fighting the stereotype of sharks as primitive and vicious killers. To tell the story of these incredible animals, author Ken Mallory talked with Pete Klimley and then traveled to tiny Cocos Island, 330 miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. There, he had the chance of a lifetime to see these awe-inspiring animals up close.

Man returns beached Shark to Sea!

Not many people would risk their own lives to save an animal’s. This man was safe on shore but couldn’t go too far into the water with the shark. What a hero! What a good man!

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Emma is a 14-foot tiger shark and an occasional visitor to lucky divers who visit her domain in the Bahamas. Seeing what communication and connection between the diver and shark was almost beyond unbelievable.