Hammerhead Shark at the Navarre pier/beach – GET OUT OF THE WATER

A hammerhead shark goes within feet of an unsuspecting swimmer! Filmed at the Naverre fishing pier in Florida by Dan Flynn. This is a very good, interesting documentary from their “Natural World” series, and it includes a bonus episode, “Shark Coasts” about sharks around the western and eastern sides of Africa’s southern tip (it’s amazing how different they are!!), and this episode happens to be narrated by David Attenborough. These smaller BBC releases don’t seem to be promoted or advertised, [...]

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Scooter Diving Maui – Tiger Shark Circles Divers at Makena Landing!

This was a close encounter with a big Tiger Shark! Got circled a few times and then scootered away at the first chance.

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Snoop Dogg – Great White Shark

A brand new installment of the nature special Jimmy created with Snoop Dogg. #PlizzanetEarth

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